My 2nd Pregnancy

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Emotional Ride (9 weeks pregs)

    Every day I cry about something. It's crazy! At first I didn't realize that I was definitely on the beginning of my hormonal rollercoaster, but now, I know. I cried because I was afraid my husband would die; I cried because I was tired; I cried because I thought I was being a bad wife since I was crying so much. Ridiculous, I know. I had to inform Del that I wasn't hating him or really mad at him, I was just emotional and upset. Hopefully since I've had my enlightenment I will be able to control these emotions a little bit better.
    Today was my first day back to work; Monday and Tuesday we were on fall break and Wednesday I went to the Atlanta Board of Realtors orientation. I felt well rested this morning, thanks to the good love I received last night : ), so I wasn't annoyed when I was asked to cover a teacher's class as soon as I walked into the building. I found myself teaching exponential expressions, something I know very little about, but I was happy that I got to spend some time getting to know some of the freshmen. Second period, I was aked to cover a SAT prep class. I was little annoyed by this but all I had to was sit there on the computer. By lunch, I was drained and I really wanted to go home. Thank goodness for Kim and her Pickidilies food because it really gave me a boost of energy.
     This evening should be interesting, Del is going to have drinks with a co-worker so I will have Elyjah. I don't know how long this energy boost will last; hopefully long enough to get atleast a couple of hours of quality time with my son.
   Pregnancy is hard work on both the mind and the body! I almost forgot how draining this process is. It will all be worth it in the end though.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busy Growing

My baby is growing and so is my belly! I'm 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow : ) I've had a week full of nervousness because I've been spotting off and on. I talked to my Dr today and he told me not to worry since I have no cramping. Thank goodness.