My 2nd Pregnancy

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12 week check up today

Wow, I can't believe 3 weeks has gone by so fast. So much has changed in this short period of time and it's for the better. I feel a little less emotional these days and a whole lot more energized. I haven't left work early, haven't taken a nap mid-day, and I'm staying up at night until about 10 instead of 8. It feels good to have energy to play with my son and talk to my husband. I always thought that I loved to sleep but now I realize I love to sleep when I want to not when my body is forcing me to. I've only gained about 1 pound so far. At first I was really worried because with Elyjah I had already gained about 10 pounds at this point. My favorite food right now is Mexican. I can't get enough! I'm making chipotle and taco bell rich. I'm still not feeling chicken at all. I can't even smell it without getting queasy.
Today I go in for my 12 week check up and I'm terrified. It's suppose to be a joyous occasion to see the actual baby and not just a blob on the screen, but I have several friends that have had miscarriages this year. I'm afraid this might happen to me too. I'm happy that my husband is coming to this appointment and be able to see the baby and hear the heartbeat for the first time. He's very excited and I'm doing my best to stay positive and trust in God that everything will be ok.
On another note, I love my life, I love my family, annd I can't wait for Thanksgiving!

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