My 2nd Pregnancy

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


    This blog isn't all about me and what's going on inside of me : )  I do have a wonderful husand who works so hard to take care of our family. He has a lot on his plate due to the new position he is in. After he comes home from work, he still has more work to do. Lets not forget he also works a second part-time job. Yesterday he worked both jobs and when he got home he had to do additional work for his full-time. I think he came to bed around 2am. Although he woke up this morning in a bad a mood, I know he's only doing what he feels is necessary.
     Last night, he got some good news from another school system. He was selected to participate in the 3rd and final round of interviews for A P positions. I'm so incredibily proud of him! He is such a smart, hard-working man. I'm looking forward to October, that's when his interview is taking place, so that he can get the position that he deserves.

I love you Delmon.


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