My 2nd Pregnancy

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A small sense of relief

    Today was another very hectic day. I took Elyjah to his Emory orthopedic evaluation appointment in the city. The doctor recommened another round of botox, a hand specialist and inceased therapy. As for the botoz, we will have to give it some more thought...but everything else, I agreed with her. After his appointment, I took him to school and went to work. I was going to spend the day at home with him but he stressed me out in the doctor's office, throwing a fit and screaming. So off to school he went. When I got to work the secretary said she would pay me for the whole day since I made the effort to come in<- love her. After work I had to run to my other office to turn in an assignment, go to wal-mart to grocery shop, pick up Elyjah from school, come home and feed him, wash a load of clothes, give him a bath..and now to my blog. I really hope tomorrow i can do some more relaxing because I'm exhausted.
    My appointment yesterday with Dr. Tate went very well. He told me that I was a good candidate for a vbac..great news for me! I was really hoping that he would atleast consider the option of having a vaginal birth even if in the end I have to do a c-section. I'm totally okay with a c-section if it comes down to it, I'm not okay with someone wanting to do a repeat c-section just because... Dr. Tate also talked to me about my fears of having complications or something being wrong with my blood. he told me that he would run some blood test on my next visit and refer them out to a thrombologist. I'm excited about that too because no other doctor would test me for clotting disorders even though I was told that clots in the placenta may have played a role in my son's stroke. I don't understand doctors these days. It's not like they would have to pay for the test, I have insurance for goodness sakes.
    My next appointment is on the 28th of September with Dr. Tate. During that appointment he will perform an ultrasound and do my blood work-up. I'm happy and continuing to pray for a peace-of-mind.


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